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"Social thinking skills must be taught directly to children and adults with ASD. Doing so opens doors of social understandings in all areas of life." 

Temple Grandin

Social Skills Groups

Our 8 week social skills groups are currently targetted for 4-10 year olds with a large emphasis on developing social skills through play. There is an initial assessment carried out in the first week to highlight each childs strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to teach those skills necessary to each individual child. Each week a different area of the assessment is taught (conversations skills, play skills, imitation for example) and an accompanying homework is provided to parents to allow for generalisation to the home environment.

Criteria: Any child from mainstream or special education 4-10 years old

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Parent and Child Workshops

These in home workshops are designed for intensive support for social skills.  A behaviour consultant will initially assess the child or young person and create a social skills curriculum. Your behaviour consultant will then work with both parents and child to implement the social skills curriculum in a way that suits the individual needs of the child or young person.

Criteria: Any child or young person aged 3-21  click here to find out more

Parent Training

3 hour training session designed to give information on social skills and what parents can do at home to increase social communication and interaction.  

Criteria: Any parent or caregiver of children with social deficits 

Behaviour Consultancy

Behaviour support can be provided to children who may have other difficulties such as lack of communication, challenging behaviour, feeding problems or lack of independent living skills. After your free initial visit an assessment will be carried out to help design a behaviour support plan. Support will be provided to assist parents to carry out the plan.

Criteria: Any child or young person displaying problematic behaviours

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Communication Skills Classes

Our 8 week communication skills classes are a new service available to pre-school children who have limited language or are non-verbal. Communication skills are taught to parents and children to help increase communication in the home and community. A communication system can by implemented such as PECS or the use of Makaton.

Criteria: pre-school children with limited or no language

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